Celebrating Women in Business

by Kristine Alonso on Apr 15, 2022

Boss Lady Necklace

Let's celebrate women in business! Women entrepreneurs work twice as hard in an environment led by men all the time. But this generation has shifted and elevated things up a bit when women in commerce began to spearhead creative ideas and breakthroughs in different kinds of businesses.

When a woman leads, she would weave career decisions and leadership styles with agency, authenticity, connection, self-clarity, and wholeness. Collectively, women leaders in business reveal a more intensive way to success. And off-sight, these strategies are relatively brilliant and a trend setter.

Women in business enjoy getting together to network, share ideas, seek career suggestions and support one another. There is this unique connection with female leaders that bring about a breath of fresh air in commerce. Certain business topics may resonate more with women than with men because of socialization and the structural barriers that women still face in many organizations. To increase attendance, engagement and ownership, you may ask women in your group for ideas of fun discussion topics and suggest a few possibilities.

These kinds of behavioral strategies in business can help you identify your business niche and what kind of audience you want to focus on. Amidst a ton of options, it’s best to narrow down and focus on one, until the business is confident and solid enough to branch out in certain categories.

In this way, any woman in business can thrive with a leverage to take their business safely.

Doing business is not for the faint hearted, so buy a gift for the female entrepreneur in your life to celebrate them such as our Boss Lady necklace!  

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