Father’s Day Gift Guide

by Cara Stull on Jun 01, 2022

Handwritten Message Keychain

June has arrived and that means many fun activities that are coming for the summer!  From backyard BBQs, pool or beach days to just good ole’ family gatherings, summer has something for everyone. June also has a family fun holiday, Father’s Day! Father’s Day is a day to celebrate your dad and how much he means to you.

What comes to mind when you think of Father’s Day? Perhaps it’s a special trip you took together, a ball game outing, little league coaching, or just being a fun and loveable dad. Some people are able to celebrate the day physically with their dad, others through memory, and others want to have a gift to commemorate the occasion. However, you celebrate your father, it is a special moment for you and your dad.

If you do decide to get your dad a gift, you may be wondering: "what do I get him?" GetGifts has some wonderful options to give your dad a spectacular gift that he will love (and more importantly because you gave it to him!). Let’s see some fun ideas for your dad!


Handwritten Message Keychain

A Handwritten Message

Want a sentimental gift that your dad can cherish forever? The

Handwritten Message Tag Keychain may just do the trick! It’s more than a keychain, you can create a unique gift with a handwritten note that is engraved on the keychain. It also comes with a cute message in the packaging for your lovable dad.


Loud, Smartass & Funny Best Papa Mug


For the Loud & Smartass Papa

Is your dad or grandpa loud, smartass & funny? Then this mug is for him! This mug comes with the words ‘loud, smartass, & funny’ on it along with ‘best papa ever’ because after all he is still the best! 



Best Dog Dad Ever Mug

The Dog Dad

Hey Dog Dads need love too! There are some great options in our boutique store for the Dog Dads! Whether you’re looking for a mug for the ‘Best Dog Dad’ or a funnier mug that shows the "love" of picking up the dog's poop. 



Family Portrait Keychain


Family Portrait Keychain

This keychain you can add a family picture and engrave it with that photo. How cool is that?! You can insert a message and the picture to engrave on the keychain so your DAD can take the family everywhere. 




A Luxury Touch

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got a luxury watch for the handsome and daring Dad. The Open Work Watch is perfect for the classic and modern dad. It’s a great addition to his watch collection or update to a new watch! 


Open Work Watch


No matter how you decide to spend the day, the day will be great and your dad will love a gift from you. Plus, don’t forget to get a gift for your Father-In-Law, Step-Dad, Grandpa, Girlfriend’s Dad, or Boyfriend’s Dad! See all of our great gifts for him, click here.

Happy gifting!

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