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Star Map Acrylic Plaque

Star Map Acrylic Plaque

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Star Map Acrylic Plaque - the perfect blend of celestial beauty and modern artistry. This stunning piece is more than just a decorative item; it's a personalized cosmic journey captured in acrylic, designed to commemorate your special moments under the stars.

Customized Celestial Map: Imagine the night sky on a date and location that holds deep significance for you – a birthday, anniversary, or any other momentous occasion. Our Star Map Acrylic Plaque beautifully depicts the constellations as they appeared on that unforgettable night, creating a unique and personalized piece of art.

Thoughtful Gift: Whether you're searching for a gift that commemorates a special occasion or a unique way to express your love and appreciation, this personalized star map plaque is a thoughtful choice that will be cherished for years to come.

Our plaque will be made from high quality acrylic and will feature a professionally printed design. This present makes for a truly unique and sentimental gift that will be treasured for years to come! Your sign features a sleek wooden base, but you can elevate your presentation by upgrading to the wooden LED base with a USB plug-in.

Product specifications: Premium acrylic Size: 6.4" (162mm) height x 5.5" (138.5mm) width, Acrylic Depth: 0.1" (5mm), Base size: 1.2" (30mm) height x 5.9" (150mm) width x 1.8" (45mm) depth

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